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Hi, my name is Luis A,

In 2020, I came back to the Gospel Rescue Mission after taking a brief vacation. The renovation of the thrift store was complete. I was amazed at what God had done.  He took something that was burnt, destroyed, and decimated, and brought it back to life (just in case you didn’t know THAT’S WHAT GOD DOES).  God brought forth a new Thrift store called THE ROCK OF AGES. It is a place where one can buy used clothing for men or women, purchase furniture, and home decor. The staff that work here are polite and ready to assist the public with purchases or anything they might be looking for.

The other side of the property is where I work and manage.  It is called the MISSION CLEANING SUPPLIES (MCS).  We at the MCS store work with the carpet cleaning industry here in Las Cruces, NM.

We have carpet cleaning chemicals, spotters, odor control chemicals, and chemicals for dry cleaning carpets. New carpet cleaning machines, buffers, scrubbers, fans, vacuum cleaners (both plug in and battery operated), buffing pads, scrubbing pads, and a few more items. We also have janitorial products:  mops. brooms, buckets, janitorial caddys, waxes, wax trippers, hospital grade and EPA certified disinfectants, ready to use cleaning solutions, toilet bowl cleaners, and a lot more.

I want to take this time to thank our GOD and JESUS, the people at the Las Cruces Gospel Rescue Mission, the Board of Directors, the Executive Director, Senior staff and Managers, the volunteers, the donors, the Churches that support us, ALL at one time or another who have obeyed the calling of our LORD JESUS CHRIST for making all that has happened here at the store possible.  Because of HIS LOVE through the people mentioned above………The store is complete. 

I am a witness to the blessings of God.  If it wasn’t for his sacrifice and His Love through the Christian community, the store would not be here, nor would I. What a wonderful Blessing.  We can do all things through Christ who strengthens us. Philippians 4:13


Louis A.

a new life

Thank you for your patience, our New Online Store will be here soon!


Free Shipping

On any order of $350 or more (qualifying products only, equipment excluded) we will ship your order to you free of charge!

100% money back guarantee.

We stand behind our products and equipment, and if they don’t perform as well as we say they will we will refund your purchase price 100%!

Service & Support 24/7

With over 40 years in the cleaning industry we are uniquely prepare to provide you with unsurpassed service and support 24 hours a day.